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Rod Milam at PaneraCares

This story that I shot and produced in April of 2017 for Higher Education Channel TV (HEC-TV). It's about a local art exhibit in a version of the restaurant Panera (still called "St. Louis Bread Company" in St. Louis where the restaurant started) called "PaneraCares" that is a not-for-profit version of the standard store. The restaurant is called a "community cafe" where people who cannot afford to pay the full price of the menu items are asked to pay what they can afford (and limit the number of times that they come) and others that can afford to pay more than the listed price do so in order to make up the difference from those that can't pay as much. In this piece I interviewed 3 different artists (Adrain Wright, Joy L. Wade, and Kenneth Calvert) that have work hanging in the exhibit...all of which are for sale.