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24"h x 36"w

The element of surprise is what makes life, movies, books, music and even visual art more interesting; anything out of the ordinary usually grabs our attention. In the music world, when composers add the unexpected to a predictable rhythmic pattern, it is called syncopation. Any beat that is not a strong beat is called an offbeat, and one way to create syncopation is to accent an offbeat. When a subdivision of a beat is accented instead of the beat itself, it is considered a syncopation. When one beat or subdivision is held over into another beat or subdivision, it is called a tie, and this is also a very common way to create syncopation. By expanding the linear rhythms beyond the boundaries of the primary figure and stepping out of the dominate complimentary color scheme, this acrylic painting seeks to transform the musical essence of syncopation into a visual experience.

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